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Save counting sheep is an adventure puzzle-platformer game about helping counting sheep to go back home.

You must lead all sheep to the exit, by creating a safe way for all of them. You can avoid obstacles, traps and enemies by carefully assigning skills to specific sheep.

This is also an adventure with a beautiful story, some characters and twists.

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In the realm of dreams, counting sheep work hard to help people fall asleep. Their role is as important as Morpheus or the sandman.

The kingdom of darkness understood it well. So they sent their evil bats to capture and send them to death.

For the first time, the kingdom of dreams needs help from a human and it's you who have been chosen.
Prevent the kingdom of darkness to accomplish his terrible purpose and bring the counting sheep home.


Currently the core game play and the story-line are finished (still making some little adjustments).
The first 14 levels of the game are almost finished.
Right now, I'm focusing on creating levels, enemies, traps, ...

Here some other works it remains:

  • Add more art
  • Build more levels, enemies, ...
  • Add some special item to reach in levels to have rewards to unlock some kind of bonus
  • Add a mode "bring them back home before midnight" (player must finish levels quickly)
  • Add a level editor for players for sharing levels


The game will be released Q4 2016.

It will be available for: Android, iOS, PC, Mac, Linux

Game commands

Game is optimized for touchscreen.

With mouse

Move around: place mouse cursor on edge of the screen or keep left click down and move.
Zoom in and out: left double click.
Give an ability to a sheep: left click on a sheep.
Select a sheep with accuracy: keep left click down near a sheep.

With touch

Move around: pan gesture.
Zoom in and out: double tap or scale gesture.
Give an ability to a sheep: tap on a sheep.
Select a sheep with accuracy: press down near a sheep.